Students talking to lecturer

This page has been put together to share and promote best classroom practices and provide consistent advice to the Faculty's academic staff and other Panopto users.

Best practice information

Be prompt

It is important to finish your lecture on time - there might be another tutor starting their class straight after you, exactly on the next hour (as per room timetable).

If you require any additional time, it is recommended that your room booking reflects this.

Be personal data aware

Logging into your personal email, displaying any confidential content on the lectern PC or leaving your documents under the visualiser while the lecture is ongoing may result in recording of sensitive data that should not be seen by other users.

Be personal data aware – always handle it with care!

Is it possible to change a primary or secondary recording source on remote recorder?

There is no manual intervention possible with the remote recorder. The recording will start and stop automatically at a scheduled time.

The recorder will capture all streams automatically - from all devices that are switched on and connected to the lectern PC.

What happens if I stop an ongoing recording?

If you are recording a timetabled lecture or any other recordable event, then the recording will start and stop automatically. 

Once you stop your recording, you will not be able to re-start it and the session will finish uploading. Be careful not to accidentally stop any pending recording!

Audience questions

It is a good idea to repeat audience questions to make sure they are audible on the recording.

At the beginning or end of a lecture, if a student comes up to the podium and asks a personal question, you should press the light indicator to pause the recording or mute the audio on the AV console.

If a sensitive conversation is inadvertently captured, this should be edited out after the lecture. Further guidance on how to edit a recording is available here

Can I use the lecture theatre to record a non-lecture video?

This is still possible, however you would need to book the lecture theatre in advance via your departmental timetabler/room booker. 

College guidelines on audio and video lecture recording

These guidelines have been developed to provide support to academic staff in order to facilitate the optimum use of this technology with the objective of improving the quality of the learning and teaching provision for students.

As well as Imperial staff, the guidelines are also relevant to anyone attending or giving a lecture at the College. Before using Panopto, please ensure that you have read the College Guidelines on Audio and Video Lecture Recording (PDF).