Member of staff giving a lecture

The Faculty of Engineering uses the Celcat/Panopto integration for automatic scheduling of recordings based on the data in the Celcat timetabling system. The recordings will be automatically made for all 'lecture' events scheduled in Panopto-enabled rooms and will go directly to the corresponding module folder in Panopto.

How to guides

How do I use the remote recorder (new lectern experience)?

The new Celcat/Panopto automated system makes the lectern experience much simpler. You can just turn up, pick up the microphone (ensuring that it is on and working properly), check if the camera is pointing the right way and focus on your lecture!

Your recording will go directly to the module folder. This cheatsheet will guide you through all steps needed.

How do I control my recording using a visual indicator light and the system tray?

Every FoE Panopto-enabled lecture theatre has been equipped with a visual indicator light, which allows you to pause (by pressing the light once), resume (by pressing it again) or stop the recording (by pressing and holding it for about 5 sec.). Please be aware that once you stop your recording, you will not be able to re-start it.

You can also control your recording using the system tray on the lectern PC or keyboard function keys. Please refer to this short guide for more information.

How can I arrange for my event to be recorded, not recorded and/or webcasted?

Recordings will be automatically made for all ‘lecture’ events - all other event categories in Celcat will not be recorded (for example seminars or presentations).

If you wish to change the recording status of your lecture or other event and set it to record/not record and/or webcast, you can arrange this via your departmental timetabler/room booker.

This must be done at least 24 hours in advance of the date/time of the event.

How do I check the recording status of my event?

If you request via your timetabler/room booker for your event to be recorded, not recorded and/or webcasted and want to check if your change has gone through in Celcat, you can use a CELCAT Live Extract report.

The report is available every half hour at one hour intervals and will display the recording status of your event in the Panopto column.

How do I find if my lecture event has been successfully scheduled in Panopto?

If you want to find out if your lecture or other recordable event has been successfully scheduled in Panopto, go to your Panopto module folder and tick ‘show scheduled recordings’ option.

A successful schedule doesn’t necessarily mean a successful recording. Please remember to perform all checks listed on the cheatsheet to ensure that your recording is successfully completed. 

Can I live stream my lecture or other event?

Yes, this is one of the standard Panopto features and it can be enabled via the Panopto field on the Celcat timetable system. If you plan to live stream your event, remember to arrange with your departmental timetable/room booker to add the webcast option to your event.

A webcast link will be produced which can be acquired by going to the Panopto folder settings (cog wheel) > overview > viewer link.  It is a good practice to provide your audience or GTA helper with a viewer link in advance.

Can I edit my recording?

Yes, you can trim the beginning or end of a recording, and you can remove specific sections if required.

The Panopto editor allows for easy web based editing from any modern browser. Please note that editing in Panopto is non-destructive, so you can add this content back in later if you need to. This Panopto Basic Editing Guide will help you with editing your recording. 

How do I stop my recording from automatic release?

By default, Panopto recordings are available to students immediately in the folder they were recorded to.

If you would like the opportunity to review or edit the content you create, before it is released to students, then you can use the Session Approval (Publisher Role) for your folder. 

Please refer to this Panopto Session Approval guide for more information.

I want to opt out of having my lectures recorded. What do I have to do?

If you do not wish to be recorded, you can (depending on your departmental policy):

  • Contact your departmental timetabler before the start of the term. They can mark you as opting out of recording and all your lecture sessions will NOT be recorded.
  • Stop the recording on the day by using the USB indicator light, System tray or F10 key.

Celcat Panopto Integration - guidance for timetablers

This brief guide provides information for timetablers on how the integration works, how to use the Panopto field to set an event to record/not record and/or webcast, how to make some common and critical timetable amendments and things to consider when scheduling an event and making amendments.

The CTSO webpage on Celcat/Panopto Integration will provide more information regarding specific timetabling matters, including Celcat annual rollover.