A tutor helping two students

Why add formative assessment?

Ensuring your students are following along and comprehending your learning content can be difficult when teaching remotely. Including opportunities for discussion and peer-to-peer interaction can support students to keep up and reach improved levels of understanding.  Adding formative assessment gives students a chance to apply, analyse, and evaluate key concepts from each week. It allows you to design your teaching with a clear understanding of students' knowledge. 

This resource written by the EDU explores the benefits of building formative assessment into your module. 

Tools you can use

We have defined the following institutional tools to help you embed assessment, interactivity and build community in your courses. 


If you are not Faculty of Engineering staff and you are interested in using approaches described in these pages, please note that certain software packages may not be supported by other Faculties. Please discuss your ideas and requirements with your Faculty EdTech team, who will be able to advise you regarding alternatives. The Faculty EdTech, EDU and DLH pages at this link also provide case studies from across College that may be of interest to Faculty of Engineering staff.