What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an audio file which can be downloaded and listened to on a computer or mobile device.

What are the benefits?

One of the biggest benefits is the portability that podcasts offer. Students can be listening to your podcast whilst doing the dishes, sitting on the bus or driving in the car. For this reason, it is quite an intimate way of communicating with your audience. Unlike video, which seems to work best in short punchy bursts, a podcast can be longer and last 20minutess to 40minutes.

How long does it take to produce?

Before you make a podcast or a series of podcasts, you need to decide on the topics that you want to be covered in each episode. Podcasts work best when they flow and when one episode leads to the another. Just as with a lecture, it’s good to ask compelling questions to engage the audience and to have a clear beginning, middle and end section. A podcast requires little editing, so apart from the time you spend preparing, they can be very time efficient to produce.