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Pre Production

The production process can be broken down into three main segments, preproduction, production and post production. Pre production is an essential stage of any media production regardless of whether you intend to make a screencast, or a short documentary. Pre production involves ideating, researching, planning and scripting out what you intend to do. 


After the planning has been completed it's time to start filming or creating the digital asset. This may involve working by yourself to record a podcast or screencast, or it could involve a crew of people. The crew could be as small as one person, or involve several people with different roles and responsibilities. The crew will use whatever equipment is necessary to get the shots to communicate clearly with the audience.

Post Production

The final stage of production is called post-production. This is where materials are edited or adjusted depending on which digital product is being created. For example, in video production, digital assets (video, audio, music, still images etc) are edited together before being exported as one final product.