Workshop and Design


All participants to the workshop complete the Ed tech Transformation Request for Redesign form to give us an understanding of what you teach and the time frame you need the redesign to be ready within.The 90min workshop uses a range of group activities to encourage you to reflect on your module and think about areas of it you’d like to redesigned.

To maximise the experience of the workshop we recommend that you attend with at least one other person who teaches on the module. It could also be valuable to bring along students to get their perspective. The maximum group size is six people per module with a minimum of two.

The main activity during the workshop is a brainstorming technique designed by the Ed Tech team at UCL. This technique has been adopted by universities worldwide as a result of its effective and engaging methodology. It draws upon Diane Laurillard’s research (insert reference) on the six different learning types, based on the Constructionist theories of how people learn. Our intention is to explore the six learning types in more detail, thinking specifically about how you currently apply them in your module.  This will enable you to see the interaction patterns on your module and how you might incorporate other types of learning that you may use less frequently.  The workshop concludes with an action plan for next steps.