National Women in Engineering Day Lunch 2015

"Follow your mind, your heart and your gut. In your mind you will see the paths forward and analyse the options (after all you are an engineer); in your heart you will know what you love doing; and, in your gut you will feel what is right." - Alice Gast, President

Top tips

"See beyond the grease and the nuts and bolts… it is all beautiful Science and Maths!!"

Maria Charalambides
Reader in Mechanics of Materials, Mechanical Engineering.

"Above all remain inquisitive - this will drive you to go the extra mile and make exciting and great discoveries"

Lidia Lonergan
Reader in Geotectonics, Earth Science & Engineering

"Don't undersell yourself"

Cleo Kontoravdi
Senior Lecturer, Chemical Engineering

Top tips

"Work Life Balance: what will you regret more when you are retired? Not having publishing that paper immediately or not having spent more time with your children?"

Ann Muggeridge
Total Chair in Petroleum Engineering, Earth Science & Engineering

"Enjoy the wonderful things about academia (the intellectual freedom, the opportunities to travel etc.), have self-belief and remember that proposal rejection is not a reflection of your abilities!"

Aimee Morgans
Reader in Aeronautical Engineering, Aeronautics

"Never be scared of challenges, but look forward to them instead. After all your greatest achievement will come from solving one of them"

Esther Rodriguez Villegas
Reader in Low Power Electronics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering