The Faculty of Engineering uses learning technology to support teaching and learning. We work with our departments, academics and administrators to deliver support and training for blended learning tools within the Faculty. We also regularly evaluate emerging technologies and approaches and their application to learning and teaching.

More tools you can use

Social media & equipment

We're using the term 'In class' Technologies here to designate software and hardware used in face-to-face teaching sessions such as lectures and seminars.

 We have following equipments available for loan. Please contact us to arrange:

  • Flip cameras and microphones
  • Small digital cameras and an SLR camera
  • Portable digital sound recording

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Save time and help students learn using the power of community

  • Wiki style format enables collaboration in a single space
  • Features LaTeX editor, highlighted syntax and code blocking
  • Questions and posts needing immediate action are highlighted
  • Instructors endorse answers to keep the class on track
  • Anonymous posting encourages every student to participate
  • Highly customizable online polls
  • Integrates with every major LMS and is FERPA compliant

More information about Piazza


Qualtrics is an online survey system offered by the College as a surveys solution for researchers, academics, staff, Postgraduate and Undergraduate students who need to run a survey as part of their College course/research/administrative responsibilities.

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