Panopto is a flexible and easy-to-use lecture capture platform that allows Imperial College staff to record audio, video, PowerPoint presentations and capture secondary sources e.g. visualiser. It can be used to record lectures, module introductions, assessment feedback and a range of other multimedia content.

Course/staff folders

Each course in the Faculty of Engineering has a folder dedicated to it. To access the course folder, log in to, then under ‘All Folders’, follow:

Engineering > Department’s name > 2016-17 > Look for the course folder

Permissions have been assigned for each folder by your department reps, if you cannot see a folder, please contact your department Panopto representative.

All staff in the Faculty of Engineering should also have access to a personal folder in their respective department. Your staff folder title will be your first name, last name, and username. Only you will have creator rights on your staff folder.