Ventive Ltd is a new SME that has generated technology for passive air management in domestic applications.

What I really like about this technology is the win-win nature of an unpowered device that delivers comfort while also addressing visual aesthetics"

Peter Childs

Professorial Lead in Engineering Design, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London

Inlet air is channelled via an existing chimney void through a heat exchanger and enters a room through a fireplace opening or a low level vent. Exhaust air exits the room via an opening at high level, using flexible ducting and into the heat exchanger at the top of the chimney where useful heat energy is recovered. Circulation of flow in the system occurs due to buoyancy, and ‘pressure’ due to the ‘Pitot’ effect of a cowl.

The concept behind Ventive’s technology is simple, exchange of air to provide ventilation while limiting the heat loss or heat gain. The challenge however is significant as a result of the small temperature differences involved and the buoyant and low speed nature of the flows.

As a result of initial enquiries to Imperial, informal conversations were deepened under an NDA and then technical advice from Imperial was funded as a result of successful bids to the TSB submitted by Ventive. The relationship and work is on-going with input to experimental work and additional modelling.