Important update:

In light of recent events, the technology community globally is focusing its efforts on the response to COVID-19, and Imperial teams have been playing an important part through research and volunteering. 

Despite our best efforts, due to the constraints of COVID-19, we and our partners have decided to put the Innovators' Programme on hold for the time being. 

The programme

The six-week programme gives participants access to change makers and innovators.

You will interact with sector experts through a series of workshops, mentoring and networking opportunities. As part of the programme, we will match you with a mentor to best support your journey and business growth – whether it is using technology to access a new market or commercialising a medical device.

  • Week 1: Programme intro and getting the basics right
  • Week 2: Getting the basics right and customer validation
  • Week 3: Business operations and finances
  • Week 4: Branding and sales
  • Week 5: White City Ecosystem and growth
  • Week 6: Next steps, practice pitch and final pitch day

Eligibility criteria

Who can apply?

  • Residents of the Hammersmith and Fulham Borough
  • Imperial College alumni, staff, postdocs, researcher or post-graduate students

You must have:

  • An innovative product/service/idea - or a willingness to develop;
  • Raised less than £50,000 in investment (or less than £50,000 in annual sales)
  • (If registered) a company less than 1 year old;
  • The ability to participate in the program for the full duration*
  • Not participated in an Imperial competition/programme with the same idea in the past

*Should you have accessibility requirements or are unable to participate in the programme online, please contact the project team for support.

If you have an innovative, product, idea or company we want to hear from you. Excited about the program but not sure if you should apply? Reach out to the programme team (details at the bottom of this page) for more information.

What is a startup?
We define startup as business that could go global utilising a new approach, technology or ground-breaking idea. Want to change the way people shop like Amazon, invent a new product or get you app on everyone’s phone? Apply with your idea.

Note – Applicants must be over 18.

You should apply for the Innovators' Programme if:

  • You have an innovative idea or product and live in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham;
  • You are a researcher based at Imperial with novel IP and you want to discover more about turning that IP into a company;
  • You are an Imperial Alumnus who has developed an innovative idea and wants support to turn that idea into a business;
  • You have an early-stage small business and want to learn more about an innovative way to market, sell or grow.