Imperial startups have raised over £1 billion in investment funding in the past five years.

Imperial’s entrepreneurial ecosystem generates deep technology startups across a range of sectors, from drug discovery, through medical devices to machine learning, AI, engineering and materials. As a global top ten university (for example being ranked 8th by the 2019 QS World University Ranking), it has a particularly strong global reputation in deep science and technology, ranking 4th for Clinical, Pre-Clinical & Health, 11th for Physical Sciences, 11th for Engineering Sciences, and 14th for Life Sciences.

The Imperial Startup Team supports and facilitates the relationship between Imperial startups and investors. The team engages with the wider investment community to connect Imperial’s innovators with investors. We are keen to hear from interested investors, whether you are a business angel, an institutional investor, or an Imperial alumnus seeking greater involvement in the exciting technology businesses generated at the College.

How you can work with us

Imperial’s Startup Team is the primary contact point for investors seeking to learn more about, or get involved with, Imperial startup companies. 

As a starting point, you can:

About Imperial College Innovations Limited

Imperial College Innovations Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Imperial and is responsible for the commercial exploitation of intellectual property arising from research at Imperial College London. It is an integral part of Imperial’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, which is led by the College’s Enterprise Division.

Imperial College Innovation Fund I

Imperial College London has recently launched an early-stage investment fund backing technology startups begun at Imperial College London. The Imperial College Innovation Fund I is operated under the Enterprise Investment Scheme and administered by Parkwalk.

More information is available here

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Dr Agi Brandt, Professor Jason Hallett, and Dr Florence Gschwend, founders of Chrysalix Techcnbologies
Dr Agi Brandt, Professor Jason Hallett, and Dr Florence Gschwend, founders of Chrysalix Technologies, an academic startup developing a process for using waste wood as an alternative to crude oil.