Join our startup pipeline

Imperial College London staff, student and alumni founders are invited to make proposals seeking equity investment from the Imperial College Startup Investment Team, from the funds we manage and our network of angels and VCs.

Contact us if you are a startup seeking investment in the next 18 months and want to be evaluated for introduction to the investor network and suitability for investment from Imperial's Enterprise Funds


Register with the Startups & Investments Team by completing the Imperial Startup Investment Form

This form asks the same questions that we ask in our investment proposal papers. The following form can be completed with one-line answers or several paragraphs and you may wish to adapt existing information from your business plans etc. The form will take approximately 15 minutes to complete if you have the resources prepared.

Video presentations and data room

Please provide the links to your video pitch and data room. In your data room, you can add resources such as your cap table, business plan, pitch deck, company financials, patent applications, one-page summaries etc. Guidance for preparing these resources including the video pitch, cap table and founders and investor returns calculator can be found here.


The Imperial team are happy to meet any founders from the community and offer 30 minute meetings, and we advise people prepare well for these meetings to maximise the support we can offer.

A well-prepared company that submits clear and concise information can secure investor interest in a first meeting and immediately progress to detailed evaluation, but we are happy to offer feedback and have follow-up meetings to maximise the chances from any warm introductions we make.

Email the Startups & Investment team