Format: An Executive Insights dinner

Date: 29 November 2017

The enormous potential of quantum theory has remained untapped for over a century but feasible industry applications now glimmer tantalisingly on the near-horizon. We invited IBP members to join us to find out where and when these could become a reality. Keynote from Professor Sir Peter Knight FRS, leading expert in quantum optics and Government science advisor.

Professor Sir Peter Knight FRS - UK National Quantum Technologies Programme


Professor Myungshik Kim - Talent in a Quantum World: Skills and Training Needs


Dr Mario Berta - The Road to Quantum Computers

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The event was chaired by Professor Nick Jennings, Vice Provost for Research at Imperial College London


Professor Myungshik Kim, Chair in Theoretical Quantum for Information Science
Professor Neil Alford, Associate Provost for Academic Planning
Professir Ed Hinds, Professor of Physics (Chair)
Professor Eric Yeatman, Head of Department for Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Professor Tom Pike, Professor of Microengineering
Dr Mario Berta, Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Dr Marc Oxborrow, reader in Functional Microwave Materials and Devices