Pathfinder stage 1: Scoping

Graphic describing the scoping stage of Imperial Business Partners pathfinder journey


Scoping is the 'kick-off' stage of a Pathfinder project for our IBP members. Find out more about becoming an IBP member.

During the scoping stage of the Pathfinder journey, our team will support you to ask questions such as:

- What does your business need?
- Which areas of science, technology and business are most relevant to you?
- What challenges are your facing? Is your business future proof?

Through this process we can identify the best options for a project, as well as beginning to understand the academic insights and expertise at Imperial that may be best-suited to help you tackle your challenge or leverage the opportunities identified for your organisation.

Pathfinder stage 2: Exploration

Graphic describing the exploration stage of Imperial Business Partners pathfinder journey


During the exploration stage, we all start to get a bit more creative and hands-on.

Across Imperial we have over 4,000 academics and researchers, as well as a thriving network of entrepreneurs and startups from staff and students, all of which help inform some of the work during the exploration stage.

We work with you to further understand the insights you need and the most effective ways to deliver them, such as through workshops and forums, as well as from our extensive range of activities delivered across the College.

During this stage we develop opportunities to meet Imperial's experts and access their insights, tailor-made just for you. 

Pathfinder stage 3: Delivery

Graphic describing the delivery stage of Imperial Business Partners pathfinder journey


During the delivery stage, work ramps up and different parts of a project come together to help inform the initiatives you can take away, as well as ideas for future activities with Imperial.

Whether it's curated workshops, a project involving Imperial Tech Foresight, consultancy or further academic partnerships, the delivery stage is all action.

Our account manager will have already taken you through the journey and will now be delivering a bespoke package of activities and initiatives designed to address the challenges identified through the scoping and exploration stages, while further academic engagement will now help you access the insights that can improve your business activities.

But it doesn't have to stop here. From the conclusion of a pathfinder project, more ideas may arise and more challenges or opportunities could present themselves. 

Another pathfinder project, other IBP-related activities, or perhaps something more technical and specific - like a long-term research partnership or collaboration - may be right for your organisation as you build for the next steps Your dedicated account manager can make the connections and fastrack the future of your business.

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