The following provides an example of the IBP Pathfinder discovery process; White City Campusa comprehensive programme of activity that is designed and delivered in accordance with an organisation’s strategic priorities and research interests. Our Pathfinder programme is flexible and created in a way that facilitates bespoke engagement with world-class academics to develop evidence-based solutions to complex problems. 



 How is engagement planned and tailored over the course of a year?


Months 1-3

Programme planning and co-design

This phase will identify a series of research questions or problem statements that the Pathfinder with look to focus on.

The following are examples of potential domains/research themes to explore through the IBP. The Pathfinder programme will provide a unique opportunity for member organisations to access Imperial’s wealth of academic expertise and our innovative entrepreneurial community.

E.g. Smart Materials

• What could the future of reactive and autonomously self-repairing materials look like?
• How might new materials adapt and interact more effectively with our bodies?
• What could multifunctional materials mean for sustainability?
• How might nano-porous materials create new benefits?
• What novel technologies might need new smarter materials?


Months 4-9

E.g. Manufacturing

• How might 3D and 4D printing enable decentralised manufacturing?
• How might bacteria and DNA become the manufacturing hubs of the future?
• What new technologies are driving more efficient and better manufacturing?

One mutually agreed thematic focus that will provide the scope for the webinar(s).

Meet the experts

An introductory presentation on current research from relevant academics at Imperial College London.

Experts selected from a co-developed shortlist of available academics.

1 or 2 exploratory webinars
1 briefing paper that will be used to shape the workshop in final delivery phase.


Months 10-12

Innovation day

A facilitated interactive workshop that enables a deep dive into the chosen theme, providing an opportunity for a live connection with academics, students, start-ups and other relevant stakeholders.

An executive summary of the discussion


To find out more about how your organisation could benefit from tailored engagement with Imperial academics contact