Imperial’s Enterprise Division is committed to supporting an inclusive and diverse work environment in which we treat each other fairly and appropriately, with kindness and respect. This commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) also builds on the principles set out in the College’s Values and Behaviours.

Enterprise continuously strives to improve the equality and diversity of our Division and to embed EDI principles across our enterprising ecosystem of staff, students and collaborators, so that everyone feels included, respected and treated with dignity.

There may still be times when we experience or witness undesirable behaviours, which will not be tolerated. We aim to support a culture in which we feel comfortable to identify and discuss undesirable practice, and confident to support colleagues in checking, challenging and changing their inappropriate behaviour using the College’s tools and channels.

We recognise that our aspirations to be world-leading can only be achieved by recruiting, supporting and working with people from diverse backgrounds with diverse ways of thinking. We want all our colleagues to feel heard and have their achievements recognised and rewarded. We continuously seek to put diversity and inclusion at the heart of our activities and decision-making, including recruitment, communications and marketing, partnerships and broader community engagement.