Your first point of contact for discussing a startup should be your faculty IPC team. They will help you evaluate your IP and develop a strategy prior to engaging with the Startup team

The Startup team is the College's dedicated company formation and support team. It works with Imperial staff to support their entrepreneurial journey.

Key to this support is planning the steps that company founders take before they form a startup. This planning and research phase is integral to the success of high-technology startups, such as those generated by research at Imperial.

The Startup team’s support can be tailored to meet the needs of Imperial entrepreneurs depending on their requirements but can include conducting market research, identifying and interviewing customers and establishing the new company’s value proposition, among other key activities.

The Startup Team can inform and advise Imperial entrepreneurs throughout the growth of their startups, from pre-formation to fundraising and scale-up. They sit at the centre of a wide network connecting entrepreneurs, talent, established businesses, mentors and business angels.