In 2015, Imperial Innovations launched a web-based selling platform known as QuickTech for sales of materials, research reagents and tools, and software packages.  Researchers who have created useful research tools such as cell lines, antibodies, novel molecules, devices, datasets, questionnaires, software and multimedia can distribute them to commercial research organisations and the wider academic community via this online catalogue developed solely for Imperial.

It is common practice for academics to share these types of materials with researchers from other institutions; the catalogue, QuickTech, allows them to be marketed and sold for an appropriate fee to industry too.  Imperial College Innovations Ltd offers a lower technology transfer fee (25%) for commercialising Quicktech-listed products. The revenue share (after costs) is: 25% Imperial College  Innovations Ltd: 25% Researchers’ Department: 50% researchers (via the Reward to Inventors Scheme).

Quicktech will not impact your ability to distribute your materials with fellow researchers – in these instances contact your Research Services.  Imperial Innovations can offer ‘dual licences’, where academics can purchase them at a discount to the industry price, or simply refer them to Research Services.

Commercialising research tools is also a useful way for researchers to demonstrate the commercial impact of their projects. Imperial researchers interested in listing a research tool or material on Quicktech should contact their faculty’s IPC Team. The variety of products listed on Quicktech is constantly expanding, so even if a researcher’s tool falls outside what is currently listed, it is still worth contacting Imperial Innovations.

Quicktech is also available to be used to promote free/open-source electronic products such as software, apps and datasets, providing a click-through to the relevant download page (e.g. your research group webpage, github, App store etc.).