Graphics from cover of IPC guide

Imperial academics and researchers who would like to work with industry to make a real-world impact can discover how to access support from College in this how-to guide, which you can download PDF format through the link below.

Cover of the IPC Guide

The user-friendly guide offers a primer on:

• Industry research partnerships – which develop insights and technologies directed at real-world challenges with support, domain expertise and funding from industry partners. 

• Commercialisation - the process of protecting intellectual property and commercialising research through licensing deals or startup companies.

In particular, the guide offers staff a simple overview of how their faculty Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation (IPC) team can help them to work with industry and bring their inventions to market.

The IPC faculty teams in the Enterprise Division have published the guide as part of a commitment to making industry partnerships and commercialisation a rewarding experience for academic colleagues.

It is a recommended read for all academics and researchers who’d like to turn their insights into world-changing innovations for the good of society.