As of 2022:

  • 62 early career researchers have benefited from the programme
  • 13 of these have moved to share their expertise in industry jobs
  • 23 Startups have been founded from ideas explored on Techcelerate 
  • Over £36.5 million has been raised by startups from the programme, and these companies now support 178 jobs.  

Below are just a few of our successes in Medtech and biotech, artificial intelligence, energy & resources and advanced manufacturing.  

Medtech and biotech

Organa - Zhench Tan

PI: Dr Marc Masen

OrganA has developed high accuracy organ mimics that simulate the mechanical behaviour of organs and tissues to a degree unachieved before. The implementation of these mimics in surgical training courses and in the development of surgical robots worldwide will support safer and more effective surgeries. The mimics are made of a hydrogel that has been mechanically validated during Dr Tan’s PhD research and allows for surgical procedures to be carried out with high simulation accuracy.

Dr Gabor Foldes

hPSC-EC therapy - Dr Gabor Foldes

PI: Professor Sian Harding

Dr Gabor Foldes joined the programme in 2021 with his research on hPSC-EC therapy to explore the production of these stem cells in clinical manufacturing. His expertise in pluripotent stem cell technology (early and late preclinical), regenerative medicine, cardiovascular tissue engineering and cellular models, combined with the commercial skills and connections he developed on Techcelerate changed the course of his career. Dr Foldes is now a Senior Medical Director at AstraZeneca.

Artificial intelligence

Energy and resources

Biomass electrolysis - Dr Hui Luo

PI: Professor Magda Titirici

Dr Luo joined the programme in 2021 to explore the potential of her technology - an electrochemical system resembling water electrolysis, called "biomass electrolysis". The system uses electricity to transform widely available biomass and water into value-added chemicals and clean hydrogen. During the programme she built up a network of industry contacts and reshaped her career.

Since late 2022, Dr Luo is applying her expertise in chemical engineering, materials science and newfound commercial skill in her work in her capacity at Test Engineer at clean energy developer Ceres Power, an Imperial-founded business and the UK's most valuable cleantech company.

Advanced manufacturing