I am a PhD candidate pursuing research on the interactions between climate change adaption, climate finance, and the sustainable development goals in the Caribbean. The motivation for my research came from experiencing first-hand the development challenges and climate change impacts in my home country St.Vincent and the Grenadines and the wider Caribbean region. I wanted to get a better understanding of those interactions in an effort to provide solutions for these Small Island Developing States.

When I'm not researching I enjoy traveling, watching tv shows listening to music and working out. I am passionate about promoting a healthy and active lifestyle in academia, particularly amongst PhD students as we tend to binge on coffee, lose sleep and sit on our bums most of the day. I try to inspire others both in and out of academia through my YouTube videos, vlogs and some inspirational Instagram posts.  I share my PhD journey on these platforms to help other PhD students know they are not alone in their challenges and also help those who may be contemplating enrolling into a PhD programme.

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