With a Masters in Psychology, a PhD in Cognitive & Behavioural Neuroscience, and a second MSc in Conservation Science I usually struggle to put myself in a specific disciplinary box. Broadly speaking my work focuses on the human factors in conservation and natural resource management contexts. I am interested in (1) the processes of group reasoning and decision making, both from a fundamental and applied perspective, (2) human health and wellbeing benefits of (urban) blue and green spaces, and (3) citizen science and community engagement (e.g. volunteering) in the conservation sector. I am originally from Belgium.

My great love for the last decade has been ultimate Frisbee, which I intend to return to when I finish my knee rehab programme. I regularly run, cycle and do yoga. I love traveling and prefer the great outdoors for bushwalking, scuba-diving, canyoning or climbing trips.

I was awarded Best MSc thesis for a spatial conservation prioritisation plan looking at reef health in the Coral Triangle, and I recently won a small bursary from survey company Qualtrics® to study how Londoners relate to the green and blue spaces in their neighbourhoods.

I love the breadth of experience of the staff and students at CEP. I learn something new pretty much every day!

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