I work on building the evidence on how and why we should develop urban policies that integrate a holistic perspective on the promotion of health and wellbeing, through better urban planning practices. I am particularly interested in impacts of air quality policies, and solutions that promote active transportation (walking, cycling, using public transport). I want to make the world a better place for my little children to grow up in!
I’m lucky that the CEP provides a fantastic environment to work in and to juggle my personal and work lives. I’m able to bike-in with my little boy and drop him off at the Imperial nursery next door – an hour of cycling every day keeps me fit. There’s never a question at the CEP that any important meeting could be outside the nursery hours – 9 to 5. I also have the flexibility to work away from my desk so we can spend more time as a family together during school holiday periods, as my husband is a musician and often away (in the summer for example I have a desk at the Santa Fe Institute while my husband works at the Santa Fe Opera). But I also love the many opportunities for informal chats with colleagues when I’m at the office! Working in such a supportive environment really makes all the difference to keep your mind focused on getting some good work done and having an impact.

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