My research focuses on exploring the relationship between people and nature and how these relationships influence the outcome and success of sustainable development policies through the underpinning interactions between biodiversity, ecosystem services, and human well-being.

I live in the North West and enjoy spending time with my family walking (and swimming!) in the Lake District. I also have a love of France and lived in Paris for a year after my PhD and go back for a visit whenever I get the opportunity.

I am a mother of three young daughters and I am most proud of being a role model, not just for my daughters, but other young girls and women. Research has shown that, when asked to draw a scientist, 95% of children will draw a man. I have actively campaigned against this vision, taking part in events such as Soapbox Science, a platform for raising the public profile of women in science. I want to ensure that when my children become parents, at least 50% of children draw a woman scientist!

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