Inside of work I am passionate about the role of business, individuals and communities to make the changes we all need. In particular I believe that individuals in business and organisations will shape win-win solutions to current and future societal and environmental challenges - and this idea underpins my coaching and academic work. My background is in indicators, decision making, measuring progress beyond GDP and participatory democracy. I am also currently involved with in education and how to teach for sustainability.

Outside of work I am a volunteer medic and team leader for our local search and rescue team. We are called out by the police to go out and find high risk vulnerable people who go missing, provide assistance nationally in times of floods or disaster, and provide assistance to the emergency services in areas that are difficult for ambulances to reach. I also work as a first responder providing medical cover at big events- this summer I worked at Royal Ascot and Wimbledon as well as at the Royal wedding at Windsor, all of which were great fun! I love hiking, and lead bushcraft days, expeditions and wilderness quests that enable people to get into nature.

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