I am responsible for the quantitative skills and ecology teaching to our annual cohort of 150 MSc students and advise others in the department on statistical aspects of their research work. I’m also the women’s tutor and give personal support and advice as well.

I was a ‘late starter’ in Science and took my undergraduate degree at 30 years old, going from that to a PhD in Ecological Entomology in quick succession. I then interleaved part-time academia and having three children for several years. My research interests are many and diverse and I publish in several fields. For the past six years I have supported the Field Entomology teams of Target Malaria and am now moving back to my core loves of Sustainable Urban Areas (how green space, appropriate construction and short-chain urban systems can promote sustainability in cities) and how to promote diversity in Urban Greenspace (both practically and so the public appreciate it). 

The flexible, collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of the CEP makes this an ideal place to be. The rewards of watching excellent young minds develop and grow in skills and confidence are unsurpassed.

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