The third part of the course provides the opportunity to undertake rigorous independent research; to apply knowledge and understanding of environmental disciplines in the widest sense to practical problems; and to develop and demonstrate interdisciplinary, transferable skills with specific emphasis on project management and presentation (oral and written) skills. 

The research project is supported by a module that runs throughout the year. This module provides students with personal, transferrable, professional and analytic skills necessary to become independent and life-long learners.

The Project Term extends from April to September. It is devoted to a research project, normally stemming from the specialist option. This may be desk and/or laboratory-based and/or involve fieldwork. It is often set up and carried out in conjunction with an outside organisation thereby providing practical experience which greatly enhances employment prospects, and may be carried out in the UK or abroad.

The project aims to provide graduates with practical experience of value to their future careers and with the ability to address individual environmental problems with confidence. 

Ideas for projects stem from three main sources: the suggestions of members of CEP academic staff, or students following up their own particular ideas. A major feature of the course is the flexibility afforded to the students in following their own special interests. Projects can be individually tailored to your needs.

MSc theses from 2010 to 2014 are now available to view on Spiral, the College’s digital repository. Older theses may be requested from the library’s store service. These are reference only, accessible via the subject librarian.