2018 Symposium

Student posters

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Niki Avgeraki (PDF): Is there a future for Small Modular Reactors in decarbonised electricity markets

Courtnae Bailey (PDF): The Role of Climate Finance in facilitating the Sustainable Development Goals in The Caribbean under Climate Change

Patrick Brandl (PDF)What is the best technology for capturing CO2? Introducing a techno-economic screening tool

Huanjie Chen (PDF): Ecosystem Services and Citizen Science for Soil Quality Management

Shuyang Chen (PDF): Reducing China's Carbon Emissions

Karina Corada (PDF): Polluted cities in Chile and the contribution of green vegetation: the motivation to my PhD research

Catalina Cruz-Piedrahita (PDF): Health benefits of public allotments and community gardens in developed countries: A scoping review

Dylan Furszyfer (PDF): Evaluating Energy Use & Pro-Environmental Behaviours across the traditional gender binary

Shirin Hakim (PDF): The Impact of Economic Sanctions on The Environment: The Iranian Example

Diego Hopkins (PDF): Analysing biophysical and economic trade-offs between Ecosystem services, Biodiversity conservation, and Commodity production in Allpahuayo Mishana National Reserve under future land use scenarios

Vasiliki Kioupi (PDF): A systems approach to Transformative Education for a Sustainable Society

Ute Thiermann (PPT): Does mindfulness improve environmental behaviour?

Yue Wang (PDF): The Impact of Built Environment on Walking route choice


Click on the student's name to view their presentation:

Rayane Aguiar (PPT): Sustainable governance of tropical agro-ecosystems: an institutional analysis of agroecological transition policies for smallholders in Northeast Brazil 

Renato Cabral (PDF): Can oxy-BECCS help decarbonize industry?

Manuela Czinar (PPT): How have policies and market incentives impacted the expansion of planted forests in developing regions?

Clea Kolster (PPT): The key to reducing carbon capture and storage (CCS) cost is in the perceived investment risk

Juan Pablo Mendoza (PPT): Data Needs for Measuring and Modelling Personal Exposure to Air Pollution: How Much is Enough? 

Grace Thomas (PPT): Using evolutionary epistemology to understand the impact investment market and its potential