How we represent our community reflects our values. The present focus on who is represented in images of various kinds around the College provides us with an opportunity to consider how we want to portray our community, and to reflect its diversity and impact in the world.

The College has commissioned a group under the aegis of President’s Board to propose ways in which its diverse community can be celebrated by means of images and depictions of alumni, staff and students. The intent is to recognise the breadth of our community in its many aspects, as part of the College’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

The group announced its first recommendations in March 2021.

Get involved

The Artworks Group is inviting the College community to get involved in the group’s work:

  • Staff and students can share photos of art in their departments to help the group better understand what is displayed around campus. 
  • We also want to hear views about spaces that might be good places for new art, opinions on our current artwork, and the kinds of art our community would like to see around campus - including figures we might want to reflect in our art.
  • Staff and students can volunteer for the Artworks task groups - further details to be announced soon.

To share your views or for more detail about how to get involved, please 

Artworks Group 2020/21 (task and finish group)


Sian Harding                       Professor of Cardiac Pharmacology (Chair)

John Slyce                           Senior Tutor and Admissions Tutor, Royal College of Art (Advisor)

Zixiao Wang                         Graduate Student Union President

Anne Barrett                       College Archivist and Corporate Records Manager

Mary Reynolds                    Director of Development and Campaigns

Moonlie Fong-Whittaker   Learning and Development Programme Coordinator

Sally Parekh                         Race Equality Charter Coordinator

Deborah Evanson               Press and Communications Manager

Richard Jardine                   Consul for the Faculty of Engineering/Business School

Eric Aboagye                       Professor, Department of Surgery & Cancer

Debbie Adegoke                 Imperial College Union BME Officer

Christopher Bamikole        Lab Manager and Section Safety Coordinator, Medicine

Kemi Aofolaju                     Communications and Events Officer, Bioengineering

Yasmin Abdi                        Divisional Operations Assistant, Medicine

Anique Varleigh                  Head of Exams and Assessment, Business School

Ji Young Yoon                      Mechanical Workshop Technician, Bioengineering

Camille Gajria                     Clinical Teaching Fellow, School of Public Health

Jess Wade                           Research Fellow in Materials

Samraat Pawar                   Reader in Theoretical Ecology, Life Sciences

Mable Nakubulwa             CLAHRC Research Associate, School of Public Health

Alinta Sara                          French and African Art History Lecturer, CLCC

Julian Jones                        Professor of Biomaterials

Sara Rankin                        Professor of Leukocyte and Stem Cell Biology

Mindy Lee                            Head of Art

Charlene Swaby                  Accounts Receivable Assistant, Finance                             

Thanya Siamwalla               Imperial College Union Interfaith Officer         

Omar Leon                           Database Assistant, Student Recruitment & Outreach

Ralf Martin                           Associate Professor in Economics, Business School 

Martha Salhotra                   Internal Communications Officer

Bridget McNulty                  Management Trainee, Office of the President/Provost (Secretary)

Terms of Reference

The Artworks Group was a task and finish group which submitted its recommendations to President's Board in January 2021. The Terms of Reference for the Artworks Group were: 

1. To scope the options for Imperial College to increase the visual representations of its communities in public space across its campuses, with a view to finding locations for the long-term display of artworks relating to the diversity of the community.

2. To consult with members of the College and its wider communities, including alumni and partners to identify individuals and groups whose images might be portrayed.

3.  To advise the President and Provost on locations for new works of artand portraits that can be commissioned.

Key Dates

  • The Artworks Group delivered their first recommended actions to President’s Board in January 2021, which were announced in March 2021.
  • Task groups are being assembled to implement the recommendations, with oversight from an overall Artworks Steering Group.
  • Read more about the initiatives being rolled out by the Artworks Group.

Artworks Steering Group (ongoing)

Artworks Steering Group

From 2021, an Artworks Steering Group has been formed to take forward the recommendations submitted to President's Board by the Artworks Group. The Artworks Steering Group is also rolling out a number of task groups to implement the report's recommendations. The Terms of Reference for the Artworks Steering Group are as follows:
1. To continue to scope locations and modalities for display of artworks reflecting the diversity of the Imperial College community.
2. To consult regularly with members of the College and its wider communities, including alumni and partners, to identify individuals and groups whose images might be portrayed and promote the involvement of a diverse range of staff and students.
3. To oversee implementation of recommended actions approved by the President’s Board through a series of action projects and report progress to President’s Board at agreed intervals.
4. To forecast a budget for the works and bring to the President’s Board for consideration.
5. To plan for continuity of the artwork development project and search for further sources of support.


Sian Harding – Steering Group Chair and Professor of Cardiac Pharmacology, National Heart and Lung Institute

Deborah Evanson - Press and Communications Manager

Martha Salhotra - Internal Communications Officer    

Michael Booth – Head of Design and Editorial

Anne Barrett - College Archivist and Corporate Records Manager

Ji Young Yoon - Mechanical Workshop Technician, Bioengineering

Omar Leon – Database Assistant, Student Recruitment and Outreach

Moonlie Fong-Whittaker - Learning and Development Programme Coordinator

Richard Jardine - Consul for the Faculty of Engineering/Business School

Anique Varleigh – Head of Exams and Assessment, Business School

Alinta Sara – French Lecturer, Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication

Nicola Pogson – Director of Alumni Relations

Joanne Gardner – Head of Alumni Relations

Jenn Rowater – Alumni Marketing and Communications Manager

John Slyce – Advisor, Royal College of Art

Thomas AngusCollege Photographer and Image Manager

Emily Roche - Operations and Projects Officer, Office of the Provost