Ambrose Cooke

Ambrose Cooke

Entrepreneur and engineer

Raised in London with a Ghanaian background, Ambrose Cooke graduated with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering in 2016.

Since then, he has become the co-founder of Fanbytes, a social influencer advertising platform which helps brands such as Universal, Disney and Apple Music engage with millennials in the most creative ways on social media. It has become a multimillion pound platform with the largest network of Snapchat influencers in the world.

Ambrose invented the ‘Fanbytes Score’ to identify potential influencers – he created it as part of his dissertation while studying at Imperial. It accurately matches brands to the most appropriate social media influencer.

In 2015, Forbes described Ambrose Cooke as one of “the millennials redefining how brands market to other millennials”.