Disability History Month (DHM) runs from 16 November to 16 December this year. Disability History Month is supported by a wide range of disability groups, unions and voluntary organisations, and aims to promote disabled people's rights and their struggle for equality now and in the past.

The theme in 2022 is “Disability, Health and Well Being".

Disability History Month 2022

Previous years

Portrait of Elizabeth Tayki

In 2019 Imperial used Disability History Month to focus attention on invisible/hidden disabilities. 

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Centre worked with Able@Imperial (the staff network for disability and disability supporters) and the Imperial College Union, to put on a range of events, including a talk by Elizabeth Takyi, Founder and CEO of Aspire2inspire DyslexiaElizabeth talked about dyslexia awareness, the strengths of dyslexia, and dyslexia in education/workplace.