Caz UlleyCaz Ulley

Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing, Student Recruitment and Outreach and Co-Chair of Imperial 600, the College’s network for LGBTQ+ staff, postgraduate students and their allies.

“The further I have progressed in my career the more I have found myself susceptible to impostor syndrome. Taking on the Imperial 600 role has helped me to recognise what I have to offer. And seeing that what I am doing is affecting positive change within the College has boosted my confidence.

"If you find yourself caught in that mind-trap, I recommend finding a way to apply your skills to a new challenge that’s unconnected with your day job. It can be a helpful way of developing greater self-awareness and recognising what you can uniquely bring – whether that’s skills, or as is often the case for me with Imperial 600, simply enthusiasm and a passion for making things better.”