Amani El-Kholy

Dr Amani El-Kholy

PhD Program Administrator and Deputy Senior PGR Tutor, Department of Computing

"I have been a member of the inspiring Imperial community for more than 30 years. First as a student then as a member of staff. Imperial has been part of my life since I was a child. My father is a graduate of aeronautical engineering, class of 1951. My brother and I of course had to follow in his footsteps and came to Imperial in 1986.

"My passion has always been to encourage more girls into computing, engineering, and STEM subjects in general. Through the women-in-computing group (which I co-founded) and our amazing students we are reaching out to more and more girls, in the immediate, as well as, the wider community.

"Although I trained as a scientist, I have shifted careers to fit work around my family, I now Look after more than 300 PhD students (my second family), and it is a dream job.

"Never be too scared to change and adapt. Nothing you do is wasted. Take risks, be brave, dream big, and most importantly be loud and get heard."