Karnyart Samnuan

Karnyart Samnuan

PhD student, Department of Infectious Disease

"My research focuses on the optimization of the production and function of self-amplifying RNA vaccines in order to improve immunogenicity and cost-effectiveness. The main goals are to enable local production of RNA vaccines across the world as well as to develop a platform that can be used to rapidly respond to outbreaks.

"I believe the key to success in anything in life is your hard work, patience and perseverance. If you make a mistake, that's ok - just learn from it and try to be better the next day. If you feel down or feel like you want to give up, remember why you chose this path in the first place and remind yourself that the light at the end of the tunnel is worth it.

"Everything doesn't always work out the way you want to but don't be afraid to try. What matters is that you know you've tried your best and whatever happens, happens.

"Be patient, don't rush it- It takes time to create a masterpiece."