As part of Imperial's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy we are commited to ensuring every member of staff has the opportunity to work to their full potential, is made welcome, is comfortable and has equal access to the services and facilities they are in need of.

Our Trans Staff Policy (pdf) is intended to assist the College put its commitment into practice. The policy will help the College and employees, trans people themselves, to manage any practical issues that may arise. The policy outlines the College’s position and actions required of all members of staff.

The term 'trans people' is used in the policy as an umbrella term, to cover the whole range of non-binary and trans people. To this extent the policy covers all staff who identify as trans. The use of language is very varied, it changes continuously, and is personal to individuals (see Resource B below).

Imperial worked with GIRES (Gender Identity Research and Education Society) to develop our policy as well as the following resources for staff: