What is a Dyslexia Champion

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What is an Accredited Dyslexia Champion ™?

DYSLEXIA CHAMPIONS™  are employees who contribute towards a ‘dyslexia/neuro-divergence friendly’ workplace culture. They are volunteers who are able to answer questions and provide informal support related to dyslexia & other ‘processing differences’ such as dyspraxia & dyscalculia. They are also:

dyslexia champions

  •  an ‘approachable, knowledgeable friend’.
  • They have a positive influence on their colleagues and work environment.
  • They continue to gain knowledge around the area of interest - dyslexia and associated ‘processing differences’ (dyscalculia, dyspraxia, ADD & ADHD).
  • These individuals appreciate the need for positive wellbeing - for colleagues and for themselves.
  • They work with heart – and they are approachable, knowledgeable and impartial.
  • They guide colleagues towards a recognised process of support.

If you have a question around Dyslexia, experiencing difficulties of just want to know more about how they can support you, contact a Dyslexia Champion today.

Dyslexia Champions Contacts

  • Gabriella Kerr-Gordon

    gabriella kerr-gordon

    Personal details

    Gabriella Kerr-Gordon EDIC Coordinator

  • Peter Brown

    Peter Brown

    Personal details

    Peter Brown Site Manager

  • Prof. Sara Rankin

    Sara Rankin

    Personal details

    Prof. Sara Rankin Professor of Leukocyte and Stem Cell Biology

  • Mery Fajardo

    Mery Fajardo

    Personal details

    Mery Fajardo UG Admissions & Disability Administrator,

  • Emma Sharp

    Generic Head

    Personal details

    Emma Sharp Project Manager

  • Wendy Gould

    Wendy Gould

    Personal details

    Wendy Gould Programme Director & Deputy Faculty Operations Officer