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This page provides guides and information for each of the key roles in the room booking process.

Rooms can be booked using Outlook or Planon.

Guidance for room bookers (all staff)

You can book rooms by inviting them to your meeting in Outlook or by creating a room booking in Planon.

Use Outlook to invite the rooms you know and use regularly.

  • The room will immediately either decline or acknowledge your invitation.  It will decline if you do not have permission to book the room or it is already booked.  If declined, you will have to remove the room from the invitees and invite a new room.
  • Planon (Estates Operations) will email to confirm or decline the booking or, if the room is moderated, to let you know that your request is pending moderation.  You will have to wait for the results of the moderator's decision.
  • If the room is moderated you must wait for the third email, with the moderator's decision, before you have a confirmed booking.  

Use Planon to search for rooms across College that meet your criteria, view additional room information and photo.  You can then either book in Planon or invite the room in Outlook.  

Guidance for moderators

Guidance for room stewards

Access to book rooms

All staff and contingent workers automatically have access to book "open" rooms. 

As each department brings their rooms into the system, staff in the department get access to those rooms and, for departments sharing their rooms, access to the growing pool of shared rooms.  See the Department permissions page for details of room access by department. 

Shared accounts and casual workers can be given access by request.  Email the Room Booking project team to raise a request.  Please indicate which department permissions are required.

If you believe you should have access but are not able to book a room,  report an issue.