Reception desk

For your assistance Campus Services provides Welcome Hosts on Receptions in South Kensington buildings and buildings on our medical campuses

The Reception desks are open Monday to Thursday 08.30-17.00 and Friday 08:30-16:30. The exception to this is Blackett which is open from 11:00-15:00 daily.

We have several staff within Reception Services that can speak more than one language. In the event of language difficulties, we may be able to assist communication with visitors with the help of our bilingual and multilingual staff.

 The buildings with staffed receptions are:

South Kensington

  • 170 Queen’s Gate (staffed part-year only), enter from Imperial College Road; ext. 58916
  • Blackett (Prince Consort Road); ext. 58911
  • College Main Entrance (Imperial Business School), (Exhibition Road); ext. 51012 and 53000
  • Faculty Building, (enter from Main Walkway); ext. 56677
  • Huxley Building, (Queen’s Gate); ext. 58907
  • Royal School of Mines (RSM), (Prince Consort Road); ext. 58913
  • Sir Alexander Fleming Building (SAF), (Imperial College Road); ext. 58923
  • Sir Ernst Chain Building - Wolfson Laboratories (Biochemistry), (Imperial College Road); ext. 58903
  • Skempton Building, (Imperial College Road); ext. 58905

The South Kensington campus Welcome Host Supervisor is based in the Faculty Building.

Medical campuses

  • Burlington Danes (off Du Cane Road, Hammersmith campus; ext. 49696); building no. 10 on the Hammersmith buildings map.
  • Imperial Centre for Translational and Experimental Medicine (ICTEM), (off Du Cane Road, Hammersmith campus) ext. 42727; building no. 8 on the Hammersmith buildings map (pdf).

Adjacent to Hammersmith campus is the College’s major new campus, White City, co-locating world class researchers, businesses and higher education partners to create value from ideas, for the benefit of society on a local, national and global scale (Centre House ext. 45205).

Royal Brompton campus

The Royal Brompton Receptions are the responsibility of the Royal Brompton Campus’ Building Managers.

Video Links between Receptions and Security

When Receptions are not staffed and you require Reception assistance please use the ‘Commend’ video links provided in many of these Receptions. Theses intercoms provide visual and voice communication to other manned Receptions, or to Security out of hours. Please press the ‘Assistance’ button on the intercom and when answered, speak clearly into the microphone, stating your requirements.


College staff are encouraged to contact the relevant Reception desk, in advance, by email, telephone or in person, with details of their visitors’ names and the date and time of the appointment(s). You should also please provide the Welcome Host with your name and contact number so we can advise you of your visitor’s arrival.

South Kensington buildings
BuildingEmail addressExtension number
 College Main Entrance (CME) 
 Ext: 53000 - 51012
 Blackett  Ext: 58911
 Sir Ernst Chain         Ext: 58903
 Faculty  Ext: 56677 - 53003
 Huxley   Ext: 58907
 Sir Alexander Fleming (SAF)   Ext: 58923 - 43117
 Skempton   Ext: 58905
 Royal School of Mines (RSM)   Ext: 58913
 170 Queens Gate   Ext: 58916
 Alumni Reception  Ext: 41925
Building, email and extension nuber
Medical Campus buildings
BuildingEmail addressExtension number
 Burlington Danes, Hammersmith    Ext: 89696
 Imperial Centre for Translational and Experimental Medicine (ICTEM), Hammersmith  Ext: 42727
 Guy Scadding (GSB), Royal Brompton    Ext: 48161
 Emmanuel Kaye (EKB), Royal Brompton  Ext: 48162
Updated May 2020
Building, email and extension nuber
White City Campus
BuildingEmail addressExtension number
 Molecular Science Research Hub  Ext: 47222
 Sir Michael Uren  Ext 49010
Updated May 2020
Building, email and extension nuber

Visitor Passes

  • Visitor passes/data protection signing books are available in all Receptions. Except for Faculty were visitors sign in on a visitor data protection book only.
  • Conference delegates are issued a separate badge- by the Conference Receptionist- on entering the destination building. The badge will indicate the date of the conference and the room in which it is being held.
  • Walking Tour maps for South Kensington campus which can be useful for those visiting are available at receptions.

Control of keys

The security of our buildings is of critical importance to the College and therefore it is essential that a robust and effective key management policy be applied across the built estate.

The responsibility for deciding who has what access to academic areas and when lies with the relevant Head of Department. The designation and maintenance of key and lock systems, which are intrinsic to our buildings is provided by Estates Operations.

The relevant Building Manager manages the provision of keys and locks in line agreed specifications and the security profile (matrix) for their buildings.

  • A key may only be issued to an authorised individual (Building Managers provide Receptions with a list of authorised personnel). Master keys will not be issued.
  • Details of the person to whom the key is issued will be recorded and the key signed for. An estimated time of return of the key must be given by the individual.
  • The individual to whom the key is issued takes full responsibility for ensuring that the room is made secure at the end of use, and if the room is left unoccupied for any period, e.g. at lunch time etc. Keys should please be returned immediately to the Reception once the room is no longer in use.
  • Replacement costs of lost keys may be charged back to the relevant individual / Department.
  • If keys are required outside of these hours, arrangements should be made to collect keys from and return them to Security.

Welcome Hosts will inform Security and Building Managers of any keys that have not been returned at the end of the day.

Found Property

All staffed Reception desks have ‘Found Property’ forms, plastic bags and security tags for found property. When an item of found property is handed in, Welcome Hosts fill out the form, place the found item in the plastic bag and seal the bag using a security tag. This bag, along with the associated paperwork, is taken to Security Control Room at the end of the day for their safekeeping.

In the event we receive found property and there is an owner’s name, we check the name and see if they are a member of the College, using Microsoft Outlook. If they are a College member, we will email them and inform them that an item of their property has been handed in, stating clearly where it has been handed in and from where they can collect it.

Access and services for disabled persons

AccessAble is a national organisation which provides free online access guides to over 80,000 venues across the UK and Ireland, including Imperial College.

Post and deliveries

Not all of our Receptions are able to handle post. Personal deliveries should be to Amazon Lockers. We will advise key building contacts should there be disruption to postal delivery or collection services. We will contact addressees should large or heavy deliveries be received.

In each of the Reception areas handling post there is a logbook for recorded post. These logbooks are maintained to ensure the safe receipt of packages to the recipient. We also log the delivery number and how and when notification of the delivery was made to the recipient (i.e. by telephone or email).

Courier collections are also entered into the delivery logbook. Welcome Hosts note the name of the person sending the package, the company that has picked up the package and the date and time of collection. We clearly mark in the book that the package is a ‘pick-up’ and not a delivery.

Some Academic Departments receive deliveries of chemicals, biological and radiological substances, sometimes packed in “Cardice” (solid Carbon Dioxide). Sometimes these will need to be refrigerated or kept frozen, or to be placed in flammable storage cabinets; if we are unsuccessful in contacting the parcel owner and appropriate storage is not available, we will discuss alternative arrangements with the Welcomes Hosts Supervisor or the relevant Departmental Safety Officer.