Our responsibility

The College has a legal responsibility to put measures in place for the safe evacuation of persons from its buildings, regardless of their usage. All College buildings are therefore equipped with the means to detect fire/smoke, for an alarm to be raised, and for the occupants to reach a place of final safety.

What is a PEEP?

A PEEP is a Personal Emergency Egress Plan developed jointly between yourself and your supervisor or line manager which will enable you to safely exit the building during an emergency.  Residential Services staff provide support with PEEPs in halls of residence. Development of the plan may also require advice from the Fire Safety Office, Occupational Health and/or the Disability Advisor.

For further guidance or advice, please speak to your supervisor, line manager, or hall staff in the first instance, they will seek additional guidance from other specialists if required.

Who requires a PEEP?

In the majority of cases it will be possible for building occupants to be aware of an alarm and make their way unaided to a place of final safety, for some however it may not be that straight forward, and some form of additional assistance may be required.

If you think you may have any difficulties in hearing the alarm or evacuating a building unaided in the event of an emergency due to a mobility or sensory impairment, a temporary injury (e.g. you may be on crutches) or have difficulty coping in crowds, you will require a PEEP.

Tailored to your needs

The College has access to a range of specialist equipment and services which can be tailored to an individual’s specific needs and therefore enable them to safely remove themselves from a building. In some instances the assistance of others may be necessary and this will be built in to the PEEP.

The College has developed four pro-forma Word documents. These provide pro-forma PEEPs for residential, staff/postdoc, student and visitor use:

PEEP Proforma - Residential

PEEP Proforma - Staff or Postdoc

PEEP Proforma - Student

PEEP Proforma - Visitor

Please select the proforma above which is most suited to your needs. We have also provided a couple of these forms which have been completed by way of example:

Worked Example - Staff or Postdoc

Worked Example - Student

Please remember that during a building evacuation be it a drill, false alarm or real emergency you will not be able to use a lift as it will automatically go to the ground floor.


Further assistance in completing a PEEP can be found in the Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan FAQ. If you require assistance after reading this document then please contact the Fire Safety team at firesafety@imperial.ac.uk