Staff ID card

Your College ID card enables you to visibly identify yourself while you are on campus

The process for issuing an ID card depends on the type of card you require a student, staff, without College Identifier (CID) (contractor/ cleaner/ visiting student) or guest card.

A College Identifier or CID is a unique number assigned to all individuals and organisations associated with Imperial College London. Students and members of staff are issued a CID when they begin work or start their studies. The CID identifies each individual when they interact with main College administrative systems, for example ICIS, Registry, Security, and the Library.

Get an ID card


  1. Register and upload your photo using the Student e-Service.
  2. Print the Registration Confirmation (or save to mobile phone device). This will appear in the Student e-Service after registering.
  3. If you have uploaded a photograph you will receive your ID card at your Hall safety talk. If you are not in Halls, your card will be sent to your Departmental Administrator for distribution at the Department safety talk.
  4. If you have not uploaded a photograph you will be lent a guest card which is valid for a limited time only. To obtain a fully validated ID card take the Registration Confirmation to the ID Card Office (located on Level 1 Sherfield Building) and have a picture taken. 
  5. If you arrive in Week 1, the ID card is then sent to your Departmental Administrator for distribution at the Department safety talk.
  6. If you arrive after Week 1, take the Registration Confirmation to the ID Card Office (located on Level 1 Sherfield Building), where you will have a picture taken and receive your ID card.

Your card will automatically deactivate at the end of your course. Students writing up a thesis at the end of their research can apply to Registry for a 6 month writing-up period and their cards will continue to work until the end of this period.

Save time

Please read the following carefully before taking and uploading your photograph. This will help you send us an acceptable photograph.

If your photograph is rejected you will be emailed and asked to upload another photo. If you are unable to upload a photo, go to the ID card office with proof of your registration to get a photo taken.

File type

  • File type .jpeg or .jpg.
  • Convert other file formats by opening with MS Paint and save file selecting 'Save as type: .JPEG’.
  • File size not larger than 30KB - photo editor software is available on the e-Service to help you resize a photo.

Your photo must be:

  • Recent and a true likeness of you. You must be facing forward and looking straight towards the camera. Your eyes must be open and clearly visible (no sunglasses or heavily tinted glasses and your hair must not be across your eyes). Your hair must not be covered unless for religious or medical reasons.
  • Taken against a white background, with no other people or objects in the photograph.
  • In sharp focus and good light so that your features are clearly distinguishable.
  • A close up of your head and shoulders - photo editor software is available on the e-Service to help you crop a photo.


You will need to present your contract of employment and signed Day 1 safety induction form at the ID Card Office to obtain an ID card.

When your contract ends your card will automatically deactivate.

Without College Identifier (CID)

For people without CID eg. contractors, cleaners, visiting students.

A photo ID card will only be issued to a person who is going to be on campus for more than one week. If someone is here for less than 1 week their Department should issue them with a guest card.

  • The Departmental representative should email the ID Card Office to request for the ID card to be set up.
  • The person to be issued with the card is required to have their photo taken at the ID Card Office. They will then be issued with the card.
  • If a Department has not specified an end date, the visitor will be given a card valid for one year. At the end of this period, the Department can extend the card.
  • If a person leaves before the card expires, the Department should notify Security so that the card can be deactivated.


Departments hold guest cards and will issue them to visitors who will be on campus for less than one week. If a visitor will be on campus for longer than a week, or is working in a sensitive area, they should have a photo ID card.

  • The Departmental representative should inform the ID card office of the name of the visitor, how long they will be on campus and the areas to which they need access. This will enable Security to identify anyone as the bona fide holder of the card.
  • If access is required to any areas outside the remit of the requesting Department, authorisation is required from the appropriate Department.
  • If the card is going to be issued for more than 5 days, the authorising Department must carry out a safety induction.
  • Guest cards are supplied to an agreed Departmental Representative at a cost of £5 each.
  • If a guest card is returned to the authorised holder before the deactivation date requested, please notify the ID Card Office to deactivate the card.
  • Loss of guest cards must be reported to Security immediately.
  • Audits of guest cards are carried out on a regular basis. All cards which are not accounted for will be cancelled on the access control system.

Student to Staff

Students changing to a staff contract must return their student card before we can issue a staff card, unless a new CID/Record is issued by Human Resources. In most cases the system will use the same CID/Record, the staff card being updated with the relevant changes.