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Delivering energy efficiency through continuous commissioning

Continuous commissioning (ConCom) is an ongoing process to resolve operating problems within buildings, aimed at:

  • Improving comfort.
  • Optimising energy use.
  • Identifying beneficial retrofits for existing buildings and plant.

The approach

Using Variance Analysis we:

  • Determine what is required of buildings/services, while meeting academic needs and minimising energy consumption (ideal).
  • Review consumption, obtaining an understanding of services/systems and maintenance/operation strategies utilised (actual).
  • Implement strategies eliminating variance between Ideal/Actual, eradicating avoidable waste.
Through Continuous Optimisation we are:Our goals are to:
Ensuring plant operates in auto-mode not manual.  Optimise the operation of our plant and services to meet academic demand while minimising energy consumption and costs. 
Reducing air volumes.  Obtain a better understanding of academic perception about internal environments, enabling us to prioritise resources to maximise improvements. 
Setting-back AHU operation (temperature/time).  Increase buy-in and support from our staff and service partners, developing energy minimisation practices into their normal operations. 
Introducing efficient plant. Embed a cultural change in the operation and delivery of building services through meaningful engagement with staff and students. 
Adjusting pump delivery meeting flow demands.   
Improving filter efficiencies.   
Introducing occupancy controls eg CO2 sensors.  Continuous Optimisation (Concom) is a strategic approach to the operation of buildings, with the aim to deliver the best value to the occupier.  
The approach

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