As a result of the College’s central London location, the vast majority of staff and students travel to the College by public transport. This is good news for the College’s carbon footprint.

When quantifying the environmental impact of its operations, the College must also consider more indirect travel, such as that undertaken by the high proportion of overseas students.

Unfortunately there is little that the College can do to directly address the emissions attributable to this travel.

As such the focus must be on doing as much as we can to alleviate that impact by promoting sustainable travel of staff and students day to day.

Travel and transport

Green bicycle


Bicycles don’t pollute the air with exhaust fumes, the only energy they use is pedal power!

Cycling is about as sustainable a means of travel as you can get!

Find out more about cycling at Imperial.

Parked cars

Car club

The Imperial College Car Club is no longer available.

Travel icon

HR Travel information

The College provides useful travel information on this web page.

Travel and transport

An electric car

Electric Cars

Provision is in place to accommodate electric cars at our sites, with free re-charging facilities provided. Further outlets are planned to meet the potential growing demand for these vehicles in London.

Campus Shuttle bus

Inter-Campus travel

Many staff have a regular need to travel between our London campuses, public transport is encouraged but the use of taxis is sometimes necessary as materials can be too bulky to carry.

Our Estates vehicle stock has been reduced and Security and Maintenance vehicles now use diesel engines.

Find out more about the Imperial Campus Shuttle bus.

ID card icons

Student Oyster Card

Full time students can obtain an 18+ Student Oyster Card.

Find out more on the Student Hub and Transport for London.