SMART targets

SMART targets are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.

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To do this the College will:

Recognise that community definitions of need, problems and solutions are often different from those put forward by service planners and providers.

Use community knowledge as an important resource that widens the pool of experience and expertise on which regeneration and renewal strategies can draw.

Gives local residents and stake-holders the opportunity to develop lines of communication with the College to prevent local exclusion or alienation from the College.

Imperial College community involvement policy

The College recognises that Community Involvement:

  1. Is people’s right.
  2. Overcomes alienation.
  3. Makes the community stronger in itself.
  4. Optimises the effectiveness of services and resources.
  5. Helps ‘join-up’ different contributions to development.
  6. Helps sustainability.

College community involvement targets

  1. Consider consultation and awareness raising; for example, community newspapers, ‘fun days’, information fairs, community conferences and direct approaches to service users and community groups.
  2. Develop community capacity; for example, training, including training of community representatives and professional officers, provision of accommodation to be used as a base by community groups.
  3. Community involvement in project management; for example, by membership of committees and boards, through the employment of local people, and through direct community control of projects or services.
  4. Widening participation; for example, using newsletters and other communication.


The College has a long established reputation for delivering excellent Outreach activities to school and college students. We believe in raising the aspirations of all students, regardless of background, to fulfil their potential and apply to the right university for them. Our commitment is to inspire students in the study of science, technology, engineering and medicine.