SMART targets

SMART targets are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.

To do this the College will:

  1. Protect existing natural habitats.
  2. Commission landscape design which, where practicable, provides an increase in species on existing and new sites.
  3. Encourage ecological diversity.
  4. Provide specifications and briefing documents aimed at improving local ecology for new developments.

Imperial College ecology policy

The College will promote environmental preservation activities and implementing their continual improvement to prevent environmental pollution.

Efforts will be made to evaluate the environmental impact of College activities at every level and to reduce the burden placed on the environment through energy - and resource-saving measures, as well asand reducing waste material and toxic substances.

The effect of future development and activities on the environment will be considered in their design and management. Future development and activities will take into consideration their impact on the environmentThe College will preserve the environment by adhering to laws and regulations, and when necessary, to set up and follow stricter, voluntary control guidelines.

The College aims to set upprepare and regularly review its environmental aims and objectives to and provide for planned improvements in environmental preservation.

Environmental education will be provided to all relevant employees to raise their environmental awareness and the College aims to build a positive relationship with local communities.

Ecology targets

  1. To encourage the use of land with low biodiversity.
  2. To encourage the use of land that has been previously built upon, thus avoiding the use of developing previously undeveloped sites.
  3. To encourage to stakeholders to remediate contaminated land and bring it up to development potential.
  4. To encourage ecological enhancement.
  5. To encourage ongoing maintenance of planting and other landscaped areas both natural and built.
  6. To ensure the protection of ecological features during the construction period.

(These targets may be quantified by use of the BREEAM Ecology Calculator method.)