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Here you will find information on the structure, organisation and management of the approved suppliers group. Imperial College London provides an opportunity for each organisation to discuss and be involved with the organisation outside of the project environment. The sub groups are organised by discipline and each organisation must provide a representative. Each sub group must nominate a chair to attend and act as the focal point for information at the Management Group meetings.

Approved supplier Management Group meetings

Management Group meetings are set and will be fixed at three dates through the year. Imperial College London management will attend and the chair of each discipline's sub group shall attend.

Information, discussion points and minutes raised from this group will be issued to the sub group chair to circulate on to their group members.

Approved supplier Management Group meeting dates

Only the chair of a sub group need attend the Management Group meetings.
TBA 10.00, Meeting Room 1, Level 5 Sherfield Building

Sub group forums

The sub group will nominate a chair to organise the agenda; coordinate and collate discussion items for your meeting; and finally represent the discipline at the Management Group meetings.

This forum is each organisations opportunity to have direct involvement with Imperial outside of the normal project environment. It also provides a channel for inputting professional expertise to project delivery processes at Imperial College London. The forum can be open or confidential depending on the topic. Any issues that affect suppliers experience at Imperial as an approved supplier can be raised in confidence.

Sub group forum meeting dates

Cost Managers TBA 10.30-12.00  MR1
Project Managers TBA 15.30-17.00  MR1
Architects TBA 10.00-11.30  MR1
Technical Authors TBA 16.00-17.00  MR1
Approved Inspectors TBA 14.00-15.00  MR1
M&E Engineers TBA 14.00-15.00  MR1
BMS Designer/Installers TBA 15.00-16.00  MR1
Structural Engineers TBA 15.30-17.00  MR1
M&E Contractors TBA 14.30-16.00  MR1
Main Contractors TBA 09.30-11.00  MR1