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Providing information for the College built environment

Building Information encompasses a wide range of information sources relating to Imperial's built environment.

  • Asset Library
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Employers Information Requirments 
  • CAD Strategy (Pre 2018)
  • Records and Project Management

To ensure the development of the College's built environment and the operational facilities management of its building assets, Imperial College London is currently implementing Building Information Modelling within its process and protocols.

The College's Employers Information Requirements (EIR) document sets out the Project Team Information Requirements and Deliverables. The EIR document has 22 sections and forms part of the tender information pack and is specifically developed for each BIM or non BIM enabled project. The EIR will be included within the contractural works information.

The purpose of this document is to set out the key project information deliverables as well as Managerial, Technical and Commercial requirements that must be met throughout the project lifecycle of a BIM enabled or non BIM project when working with Imperial College London. The document provides governance relating to information exchange and aligns where relevant to the minimum standards of BIM Level 2 in accordance with the UK Government’s 2016 requirements.

It is critical that there is consistency across BIM 3D & 2D outputs from all project team members across the Design, Construction and Operation Phases of all Imperial College London projects.

Below are links to relevent sections from the College's EIR to be adhered to when engaging in ALL Imperial College Projects BIM or NON BIM.

Information Standards
Information Exchange Formats
BIM and 2D Production Standards

Building Information