Case studies are created for completed and handed over projects to the end users. For information on each completed project please open the project case study below. For further information, please contact Estates Operations Administrator. You can also view a selection of the past projects.

BESS1303 - High impact testing facility‌ (pdf)
Bessemer Building, South Kensington Campus

BLKT1401 - Navigator Accelerometer Laboratory (pdf)
Blackett Building, South Kensington Campus

BTQZ1301 - Student accommodation and ICU facilities‌ (pdf)
Beit Hall, South Kensington Campus

BTQZ1401 - ICU Concert Hall refurbishment‌ (pdf)
Beit Hall, South Kensington Campus

EGZZ1501 Evelyn Gardens Residences Phase 1 (pdf)
Evelyn Gardens Residences

ICBS1501 Business School Vaults Refurbishment
Imperial College Business School, South Kensington Campus

ICSM1403 - CDT rooms, Central Library‌ (pdf)
Level 4 North, Imperial College Central Library, South Kensington Campus

ICSM1601 Imperial Enterprise Lab (pdf)
L0 Central Library Building, South Kensington Campus

ICZZ1304b - Putney boathouse development‌ (pdf)
Putney Boathouse

PLAB1401 - Data Science Institute (pdf)
William Penney Laboratory, South Kensington

RSM1201 - Clean room and multi-function laboratories‌ (pdf)
Royal School of Mines, South Kensington Campus

RSM1301 - Conversion to chemical laboratory‌ (pdf)
Room G11, Royal School of Mines, South Kensington Campus

SPMU1501 - Ecological Genomics Synthesis laboratory refurbishment (pdf)
Munro, Silwood Park

SPUC1301 - Silwood Park stratgey phase 1: Building C‌ (pdf)
Building C, Silwood Park

SAFB1301 - Centre for Computational Medicine‌ (pdf)
Level 3 Centre for Computational Medicine, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, South Kensington Campus

SECB1401 - Refurbishment for Department of Life Sciences‌ (pdf)
Level 2 Department of Life Sciences, Sir Ernst Chain Building, South Kensington Campus

WCSH1502 - Stadium House phase 1 refurbishment (pdf)
Stadium House, White City