In accordance with CDM 2015 Regulation 5(1):

"Where there is more than 1 contractor, or where it is reasonable foreseeable that more than 1 contractor will be working on a project at any time, the client must appoint in writing-a designer with control over the pre-construction phase as principal designer."

Where the client has engaged an architect as the project architect and lead designer, the client’s Project Manager will appoint the architectural practice to undertake the role of Principal Designer (PD).

Where a Mechanical, Electrical, or Structural Engineer is appointed as lead designer, the lead designer should be appointed as the Principal Designer.

Where the project is anticipated as being procured under a design and build type contract, the extent of the initial appointment will be Stages 1 and 2.

Assuming the Principal Contractor (PC) is appointed at the end of Stage 2, the Project Manager will appoint the Principal Contractor as Principal Designer for Stages 3 to 6 inclusive, unless the client decides otherwise.

Discussions around the appointment of the PD, must include the Head of Health and Safety.

All appointments must be based on the client’s schedule of services document.

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