We have recently installed class check-in screens at Ethos to ensure every member is recorded as attending their booked class. This process will replace our current manual system where a paper register is taken at the beginning of each class by the class instructor or ALT member. 

You will be able to check into your class using your college ID by following the process below. It is compulsory for all members to check themselves into every booked class; if members do not check in to the class they will be considered a non-attendee which will result in a penalty being applied. Please see our class cancellation policy for more information. 

Class check-in process:

  1. Hold your college ID card /Ethos Membership Card on the "contactless" logo
  2. Tap onto the class which you are attending
  3. Tap on "Go to Basket"
  4. Tap on "Checkout"
  5. The "transaction completed" screen will appear showing that you have checked in to your class. 

Members can ‘check in’ at any of the check-ins located in Ethos using their college ID card (the screens do not allow you to search for your name).  The check in screens are located on the ground floor of Ethos next to the reception desk and we will be adding an additional check in screen outside the studio in the near future. 

For the coming weeks whilst members become familiar with the new check in process, the ALT team will continue to take manual registers.